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What is Contemplative Life Coaching?

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind? Why can’t I attain my goals? Why am I dissatisfied even when I do attain my goals? How can I manage my anger (sadness, depression, cravings)? How can I learn to really relax? I need a big change Is this all there is in life? What’s […]

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Why do we suffer?

In our normal view of the world, we create an image of ourselves and then put our energies into maintaining this image:  our ego. When life presents challenges, our self- image may get battered, our goals thwarted; we often suffer as a result. We ALL do this, to varying degrees. The more attached we are […]

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Tools of practice

Somewhere between the extremes of effort and surrender lies the harmonious equilibrium called yoga. Holding both extremes at the same time, we essentially short-circuit conditioned mind with its habitual patterns. If what we mean by yoga is “union”, then the foundations of Ashtanga yoga provide a valuable tool to experience this dynamic balance of opposites. […]

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