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Why go on a yoga retreat?

Have you ever noticed yourself striving to get somewhere, or attain something and feeling frustrated by the (lack of) result? What would happen if you simply stopped? The universe responds to a calm state of mind more readily that it does to an eager, frantic one. What a relief that all it takes is learning […]

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What can you expect from a yoga retreat?

People often ask me what it means to go on retreat. The answer to this question depends on who is asking. Retreat can be as simple as taking a weekend to follow a more disciplined schedule of practice. It can mean traveling to a peaceful location to join a group for a period of intensive […]

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Upcoming Events

February 13-17,  2013                 Chiang Rai, Thailand Mark your calendar for another weekend retreat at New Life Foundation over Valentines Day. Daily offerings will include yoga asana, sitting meditation and creative writing exercises to tap into unconscious beliefs. Will this be the year you learn to love yourself? Click here for more details and to register. […]

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